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Flexible Vision is an AI machine vision software and hardware solution that enables your team to quickly and easily solve difficult visual inspections.

Tokens are credits that create your AI model in the cloud. Each token equals approximately 1 minute of run time in the cloud. Trainings typically consume 50-150 tokens depending on the complexity of the model you’re creating. For on-prem installation, no tokens are required to run your model.

Flexible Vision is compatible with most 3rd party cameras, x-ray machines, USB webcams, or Industrial cameras.

There are seven simple steps to running your first prediction. These include: (1) Create your account. (2) Create a project. (3) Connect your camera. (4) Add some images. (5) Tag your images. (6) Create your model. (7) Run your model.

No tokens are required to run a model with an on-prem device. If you choose to use the cloud, 0.3 tokens will be consumed per cloud prediction.

Sometimes we need the robustness and speed of an edge device. The Flexible Vision’s On-Prem solution has been designed to meet the durability demands of your factory. The unit is synced to your cloud account and collects and mirrors data when connected to the internet. There is no need to drag your laptop out to the shop floor to make software changes. All programming changes can be made in the cloud and synced to your devices from anywhere. Internet connection is optional, programs can also be loaded via drag and drop from its local web server.

Utilizing the high speed on-prem processor, your robotics application can be integrated with Flexible Vision for programming and inspection. All results are automatically logged and viewable in the cloud portal. Integration options include IO, TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP or directly through the open API.

All of your on-premise machines and cloud predictions are logged for future analysis. All of your stored images are completely searchable and can be used for future retraining directly from the interface. No subscription?, no problem. All your images can be logged to an external USB drive.

The Flexible Vision Dashboard is a basecamp to understand what is happening on your factory floor, with multiple avenues to trace an item of interest. As an example, with our elastic search, you can quickly filter through hundreds of thousands of results to find the information you need. Filter your data by date range or simply type in the name of the object you are looking for.

For retraining your model, additional tokens will be required. To run your model, no additional tokens are required.

With Flexible Vision’s on-prem capabilities, your workstream doesn’t need to be connected. Simply upload your model via an USB drive. For cloud storage and analytics, and creating your AI models, you’ll need to be connected to the internet.

Flexible Vision can customize your on-prem data sync interval down to every minute. This high resolution syncing keeps your team members up to speed on factory outputs and potential rejects. Use Flexible Vision’s On-Prem solution without internet access to log data locally, or just plug in an external hard drive to upload your data.

Creating pass/fail criteria and outputting barcode and OCR data has never been easier. The intuitive programming page allows you to create programs that get deployed out to all your edge devices. There is no longer a need to map inputs or outputs to get your data. We kept it simple by turning dedicated outputs on if pass or fail criteria are met. Our drag and drop flow style programming requires no prior programming experience.

Yes. You can share your projects granted with different permissions to each user. You can also optionally post your model on the Flexible Vision Hub for community use.

The Flexible Vision App meets “FEDRAMP-Moderate” standards. Contact us to learn more.