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Food Packaging

Flexible Vision can help with in food packaging and logistics include label damage detection, label placement, label defects, liquid coloration variance detection, liquid level, debris in liquid, seal verification (both thermal and twist), label matching, inventory management, and parcel QC and adjudication.


Flexible Vision’s advanced imaging technology ensures accurate labeling, detects defects and damage, verifies package weight, and manages inventory. In the logistics industry, accurate labeling is crucial to ensure that products are shipped safely and accurately.


Flexible Vision can be used to manage automotive manufacturing processes with expert learning detection and analytics systems. Our technology can be deployed across a variety of automotive assembly applications.

General Industrial

Flexible Vision seamlessly integrates into industrial assembly environments, offering rapid deployment, accurate predictions, and simple integration with various camera systems. Its advantages include quick addition of training parameters, scratch detection, and robust QC tracking for robotic and operator-related errors in dynamic assembly settings.

Medical Devices

Flexible Vision ensures quality control in the pharmaceutical and medical industry by tracing and resolving manufacturing issues. It validates packaging, barcode, fluid color, and other key operations, providing rapid detection and precise issue tracing for efficient resolution.

Semiconductor Environments

Flexible Vision seamlessly integrates into semiconductor manufacturing, providing rapid deployment and simple workstation integration. It excels in dynamic assembly environments, complying with cleanroom standards, and offers versatile detection capabilities for tasks like X-ray inspection and soldering QC.

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