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Food packaging and logistics is a complex process that requires strict quality control measures to ensure the best product-to-market outcome. Many food and beverage manufacturing and distribution firms use Flexible Vision to streamline their quality control processes and improve efficiency.

With our advanced technology, we help detect and address issues related to label damage, label placement, liquid coloration, and seal verification, among others.

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Accurate label detection and placement are crucial to ensure compliance with industry regulations and avoid costly labeling errors.

We can detect label defects and placement issues, ensuring that each product is accurately labeled and free of defects.

The system can compare label images to a reference image to ensure that they match, highlighting any discrepancies for operators to address.

Reducing the risk of recalls, and enhancing consumer safety.

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Liquid coloration variance is a common problem in the food packaging industry, and it can be challenging to detect with the naked eye. However, with our advanced imaging technology, even the slightest color differences can be detected. This ensures that each product meets specific color standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance and costly fines.

We help manufacturers detect debris in liquids, ensuring that each product is free from contaminants. Debris in liquids can be challenging to detect with the naked eye, but with the system’s advanced imaging technology, operators can quickly identify any contaminants and take the necessary steps to remove them. This ensures that each product is safe for consumption and meets strict quality standards.


Our imaging technology can detect even the slightest variance in liquid levels, alerting operators to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that each product meets strict quality standards. This helps reduce waste and improve efficiency in the production process, ultimately saving manufacturers time and money.

By detecting even the slightest variance in liquid levels, we help manufacturers ensure that each product is accurately filled, reducing the risk of overfilling or underfilling.

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Seal verification is an essential aspect of the food packaging industry, as it ensures that products are correctly sealed and maintain freshness. Proper seal verification is crucial to prevent contamination and reduce the risk of spoilage. The food packaging industry uses two primary types of seals: thermal and twist seals.


Twist seals are commonly used in the food packaging industry to seal products like sauces, dressings, and condiments. These seals are created by twisting the packaging material to create a tight seal, ensuring that the product remains fresh and doesn’t leak.


Thermal seal verification is critical to ensure that products are correctly sealed and maintain freshness. Thermal seals are created by applying heat to a specific area of the packaging material, which creates a bond between the two surfaces. The bond must be strong enough to prevent the product from leaking or spoiling, but not so strong that the packaging material is damaged.


We can verify both thermal and twist seals, ensuring that each product is adequately sealed and reducing the risk of contamination.

The system can detect even the slightest gaps or defects in seals, alerting operators to make the necessary adjustments.

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With our convenient app, operators can quickly detect quality control issues, manage inventory, and streamline repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors. We help with parcel QC and adjudication, ensuring that each package meets strict quality standards.

By automating quality control processes, we help improve efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, and ultimately improve product quality.

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Our customizable solutions meet the specific needs of each customer in the food packaging industry. Whether you need to detect label defects, liquid coloration variances, or seal verification, we are tailored to your specific requirements. Our system can adapt to the unique needs of each production line, providing a customized solution that delivers consistent and accurate results.

We offer training and support to help operators maximize the system’s capabilities. Our technicians and operators work closely with customers to provide comprehensive training on how to use the system effectively, ensuring that operators can identify quality control issues quickly and accurately.

We also offer ongoing support to help customers maintain and optimize their systems, ensuring that they continue to deliver consistent and accurate results over time.

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