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Flexible Vision enables your team to quickly solve difficult problems in an affordable, time-efficient manner.

How it works

Flexible Vision is an AI machine vision software and hardware application that works together to streamline visual inspections on the factory floor. We understand that all businesses need quality control, but traditional camera systems can’t solve the problem effectively.

Similarly, operators doing manual inspection is expensive and inefficient. After visual inspection, the cloud portal stores data so your teams can collaborate and share visual inspection programs across factory floors.

It’s never been easier to stay on top of your business’s needs.


AI Vision Made Easy


Collecting Images

Our software seamlessly collects a series of 5-10 images, documenting both good and bad product inspections. The sample size can be optionally increased with augmentation, allowing your team to target issues and successes in one place.


Tag the Image Set

Image tagging makes it simple to organize and locate your factory images. By using our cloud-based UI, you can tag images with the areas of interest.

This makes it efficient to share and collaborate on different image types.


Create the Deep Learning Model

A deep learning model will give you a comprehensive glimpse into your project, automatically storing it in the cloud for easy access. With the click of a button, your model will be created and ready for production in minutes.


Run Your Model

After creation, your AI model will automatically deploy and prepare for validation. At this stage, you can download and sync your model to as many on-premise production lines as necessary. Our cloud-based software makes it simple to add production lines later on if needed.


Store Your Images

Image storing is an advantageous feature that gives you a trackable and traceable timeline of your product. In case of error or recall, you can reference your cloud folder. All images will automatically sync to your cloud storage account. If you need to locate a file, you can search for images by date, time or serial number.


Retrain Over Time

Our software allows for constant growth and progress as it evolves with your business needs. As your system collects more images, you may find new inspection criteria along the way. All of these images can automatically be included in your next model.

Flow Diagram

A vision system that goes beyond industry standards

Simple Integration

Rapid Prediction Rapid Prediction

Rapid Prediction

Speed is a necessity for streamlining the efficiency of your business. We prioritize your time with high-speed industrial processors that quickly process your images. All you have to do is select the AI model from the dropdown menu. Next, you can watch the detections arise live on screen.

Our systems are designed for manual inspection stations, or incorporation with traditional factory automation. All systems are IO and field-bus compatible. We make it simple to get your products to market free of defects or delays.

Archiving and Traceability Archiving and Traceability

Archiving and Traceability

Data collection is an important aspect of product inspection, allowing you to archive images, look up factory videos, and trace issues on the factory floor.

Our AI-based cloud software makes it simple to search images based on your unique criteria details. You can endlessly store images to catch patterns and defects, all while building success strategies for future development.

Cloud Programming Application Cloud Programming Application

Cloud Programming Application

By using our cloud-based tagging app, you can tag your image set quickly and easily. Our intuitive user interface is filled with shortcuts that reduce tagging time. All you have to do is add images to your dataset, tag, and train. It’s that easy.

Creating systems that are easy to use and effective for our customers is a top priority. That’s why you don’t need programming or technical experience to use our interface.

Comprehensive Analytics Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive Analytics

Your analytics dashboard will be the hub for all of your comprehensive analytics, highlighting detections across your factory floor. You can easily measure throughput and trend defect failures over time.

Our edge processors routinely sync their images and metadata, allowing you to view real-time dashboard updates. This advancement allows you to alert supervisors on the spot if irregularities are detected on the ground.

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