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Semiconductor Environments
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The key advantages of Flexible Vision in the industrial and assembly space include:

  • Rapid deployment, with one node, or multiple nodes, locally or globally, depending on your semiconductor manufacturing requirement.
  • Simple integration into the workstation with the use of most camera systems on the market today, including x-ray, infrared, and visible frequency camera systems.
  • Use in dynamic assembly environments, where robotic applications must adjust to variable environmental conditions.
  • Cleanroom-compliant workstation integration and robotic integration.
Semiconductor Environments and Applications

Some key detection use cases include:

  • Circuit board coating analysis
  • X-ray inspection
  • Bent pin inspection
  • Soldering QC
Semiconductor Environments and Applications

Flexible Vision can easily integrate on-premise or in the cloud with most semiconductor applications. Our systems are used worldwide in various assembly applications, helping maintain efficiency and precision.

If you are ready to learn how Flexible Vision can integrate with your semiconductor manufacturing process, reach out to one of our engineers today. We are prepared to help you find the best machine vision solution for your needs.

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