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Flexible Vision can be used to manage automotive manufacturing processes with expert learning detection and analytics systems. Our technology can be deployed across a variety of automotive assembly applications.

Automotive line Manufacturing Management

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  • These deployments include:
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    Part sizing and alignment

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    Assembly part detection and quality control

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    Item color QC detection

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    Under vs over molding QC detection

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    Scratch and detection

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    Bent PCB pins detection

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    Detection of Plating Irregularity


If you are ready to learn more about how Flexible Vision can integrate into your automotive assembly environment, reach out to one of our engineers!

Flexible Vision offers robust adaptability with on-prem and cloud-based capabilities, making deployment a seamless process. Our technological solutions are suitable for multiple nodes anywhere in the world.

Systems offer image archiving, search, and unique analytics, allowing factory technicians to quickly trace quality issues. As a result, you are able to save costs on manufacturing and defect issues.

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