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Machine vision solutions for visual quality inspections.

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AI vision for the factory floorline

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Here at Flexible Vision, we specialize in cutting-edge technological solutions for factory-based businesses.

Visual inspections are a critical step of quality control.

For many companies, it is virtually impossible to maintain supply chain requirements while monitoring regular inspections. Our AI camera application is hosted in the cloud or on-premises, allowing customers to solve difficult visual inspections with zero programming.


Stay ahead of your competitors with AI vision for the factory floor.

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Our approach
to inspection

By streamlining the inspection process, you reduce company risk while easily meeting tight deadlines. Our AI-based software makes it simple to find defects, track products, and trace image sets.

When you work with Flexible Vision, you can prevent sending a customer a defective product. Additionally, you can archive images of product assembly in case a recall is required.

We bridge the gap between technological advancement and everyday business operations.

We strive to make technology tangible and accessible for clients of all backgrounds.

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